WeAreUSB Launches Intelligent USB Web Key

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The user puts the iKey that they have been sent into their PC/MAC, they are then directed to a registration page on your website. This registration page can be as detailed as you like depending on what metrics you would like to gather.

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The iKey has a unique ID and once the user registers, it becomes a way of identifying them personally.

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The next time the user inserts the iKey and accesses the website, they are welcomed by name and the website back end can then customise the user experience to any degree required.

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Remembering what the user looked at each time they used the key, enables you to suggest particular products and services that may be of use, carry out essential market research on new products and services or target specific users with items of interest. The landing page URL can be changed remotely to allow up to date marketing and offers to be targeted.

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In tandem with Google Analytics or other analysis software, our data capture can segment and target your data analysis to enable custom reporting tailored to your exact needs.

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10th Planet is pleased to announce a new product called the “iKey”, recently launched under the company’s Promotional USB division, WeAreUSB.

The iKey, similar to a webkey, takes the user directly to a website or microsite, but has an added layer of intelligence. Put simply it allows marketing metrics to be comprehensively captured together with a high degree of user experience personalisation.

Web keys are similar to a standard USB flash drive but without memory storage, and as a result are far cheaper than a standard promotional USB – in fact more than 50% lower cost than the smallest memory capacity flash memory drive.

Web keys have been shown to increase response rates of direct mail campaigns to over 20% (compared to 1.2% for standard direct mail).

For more information on this please see the USB web key page on WeAreUSB.com

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