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DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication Services

Far from being used just for video delivery, DVD duplication has become the de facto standard for delivery of content, be it data or video. Costs have come down in the last few years to place the format above any other in terms of cost to capacity ratios. As with CD production we have a number of options available for DVD manufacturing.

Low volume runs required quickly can be duplicated on DVDR. This is a process whereby each disc is individually recorded onto a high quality DVDR blank and then printed in one of a number of ways. Screen, litho, digital and inkjet are all available as part of our DVD duplication service. Our Central London facility based in the heart of Soho has a capacity of over 15,000 discs per day, meaning that no deadline is too tight for even large runs on recordable disc.
We have additional capacity in our Bristol branch for clients requiring fast turnaround in that area.

Various DVD packaging options are available, from plastic boxes to printed cardboard sleeves and c-shells. Please see the packaging section for more information.

DVD Copying on the face of it is a fairly straightforward process, though there is a lot that can go wrong. Make sure you trust your next project to a professional supplier with the experience to ensure a faultless delivery every time.

For higher volume runs of 500 DVDs or more where time is less critical we offer a comprehensive DVD replication service.

See here for more information on the differences between DVD Duplication (or DVD copying) and DVD Replication.

Although there was a time when a duplicated DVDR could rightly be viewed as an inferior product to a replicated DVD, that time has long since passed. Modern DVD drives and players are fully compatible with the slightly shorter 640nm wavelength of recordable DVD and advances in blank media manufacturing have meant that the compatibility rate is virtually indistinguishable from pressed DVD. In addition, the printing options for DVDR duplication include inkjet and digital, the latter of which is arguably the highest quality 4 colour print process available for DVD. Digital print is not normally available for replicated DVD.
The only difference these days between a duplicated DVD and a pressed DVD will come down to the longevity of the product. A DVDR lacks the aluminium coating that the data side of a replicated DVD possesses, making it more susceptible to scratches and physical damage. For promotional DVD use this is rarely a problem but it often precludes the use of DVDR in retail products.

We have service agreements with a number of post facilities and disc brokers throughout the UK and can provide a complete and confidential white label DVD Duplication service for your clients if required.

We supply DVD Duplication services to clients in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Edinburgh and across the UK and Europe.

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