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Digital Printing

Digital, UV Cured, CD Printing and DVD Printing Service

There is no better 4 Colour CD or DVD Print available

Digital disc printing is a relatively recent development and in a short space of time has changed the disc print market completely. It is now possible to have high impact 4 colour CD and DVD print even on low volume DVD and CD Duplication runs.
Not to be confused with colour thermal or inkjet, UV Cured digital is proven to be the best 4 colour print available for CD and DVD.

We print digitally, direct to the surface of the CD and setup is fairly quick, avoiding the use of screens, plates and the chemicals that screen and litho printing require. This makes digital print not only quicker but safer for the environment too. Wet proofs can be turned around very quickly and as we are based in Central London, clients in the area can benefit from same day proofing and printing.

When it comes to printing DVD or CD, traditional print methods have often dictated the design for the disc face. Screen printing methods are the best for CD printing where one or two colours covers the majority of the disc, and as a result CD print designs have reflected this due to screen printing being the only solution for many years. With digital DVD printing however, the door is opened to photo-realistic CD and DVD printing. With digital disc printing giving a quality that even surpasses litho CD printing the creative possibilities are unrestrained.

CD Printing

Digital CD Printing

The latest generation of disc printers use UV cured ink and multiple print heads that are similar to consumer inkjet but on a much bigger scale. Each colour is applied by 8 separate heads which dramatically increases resolution and variable droplet size allows greater variation in shades. Once the ink has been applied to a white base it passes under a UV light to be cured into a solid, glossy and durable finish. The final effect is a print that looks almost 3D and has a vibrancy that jumps out, making it ideal for high impact designs and photographic artwork. Our digital printer will print 1200 discs per hour at full resolution meaning that even large runs can be completed in 24 hours or less.

10th Planet has invested in cd printing technology co-developed by Sun Chemical, a leading global ink manufacturer, and our machine is the only one of its kind in existence. We guarantee that you will not get the same disc print quality from any other supplier and if you are in any doubt please call us for a sample of your artwork. If you need impressive CD Printing then please call us to see just how good disc print can look.

Our DVD printing service can print blank DVD, CD or Blu-ray including business card and 8CM versions.

CD Printing for impressive discs

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