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Fast Turnaround CD Duplication & DVD Duplication Services.

We offer CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, Blu-ray Duplication, USB and Video tape duplication from our London duplication facility.

What is the difference between CD Duplication and CD Replication? Put simply, duplication is for lower quantities that are required quickly and replication is for larger volumes where longer production times are available. For more information please read our article on the differences between CD Duplication and CD Replication (or pressing).

10th Planet have been copying discs since 1998, long before a lot of our competitors were even in existence, and while those that were still copied cassettes or floppy discs. We were the first company to offer CDR Audio promos to the music industry, so we were there at the start of the optical disc duplication revolution. Our pioneering vision kick-started the duplication industry in the UK and we have not looked back since.

We have developed our Duplication services over the years and followed CDR with DVDR and now Blu-ray (or BDR). Although we have our roots in the music industry we now duplicate more data and video discs as businesses have realised the value of promotional CD and DVD as part of a marketing campaign.

For small to medium runs we can provide digitally printed CD duplication in very short timescales. Duplication is the process whereby each disc is written individually using a CD writer, as opposed to the stamping process of CD replication. We have considerable capacity in our London facility (in fact we are the largest CD Duplication facility in London) so even large runs can be turned around in a short space of time. We will make identical, bit for bit, verified copies of the CDR that you give us, so it doesn’t matter if you are providing a CD DA or a VCD, it is essentially the same process. You give us a master and we clone it as many times as you need.

With all disc formats there is a choice of printing methods, for more information as to which type of disc print you should choose, please see our cd and dvd printing section. Our print options for both CD Duplication and DVD Duplication include screen, litho (offset),inkjet and digital or.

Where it is difficult to justify large orders across an entire content library, but there is still life in a catalogue, we can also provide on demand publishing from masters and artwork held by us.

We also offer comprehensive tape duplication services including DLT, Digibeta, HDV, DVCAM, HDCAM, HDCAM SR. Our USB service will also upload data to supplied USB flash drives or we can provide these too.

The History of CD Duplication and DVD Duplication can probably be traced back to the early 1800’s when duplicating machines were used to copy text. Things have changed a lot of course since those days and now it’s ones and zeros that are copied digitally and not hand written text.

CD Duplication & DVD Duplication