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DVD Packaging

DVD packaging for your disc project

A whole range of ‘off the shelf’ DVD packaging options exist, the most commonly utilised being the Amaray style DVD box. Available in a range of opaque and translucent colours, and designed to house from 1 to 12 DVDs, these plastic boxes offer the most convenient, readily available solution to most DVD projects.

10th Planet also offer a range of less commonly used DVD packaging for those wanting something less “run of the mill” and we stock an extensive range of purpose made solutions.

Super Jewel Box Kings are a DVD sized jewel case, often associated with video game packaging. They have a slightly more up-market feel to them, being very clear they enable the use of paper parts that are printed both sides, ideal for DVD packaging that requires a large area of print. These boxes are also available in 1 or 2 disc variants.

For a DVD title aimed at the children’s market, the DVD Carry Case is the perfect option, a robust DVD box with a handle and an area for a sleeve, this case is also available in a range of colours. Ideal for an educational DVD aimed specifically at schools.

Both DVDs and CDs can also be packaged along with A4 or A5 printed manuals in a range of Ring binders or Folders that can also be provided with disc binder inserts available to house one or more discs. These binders can be printed or use encapsulated printed sleeves and spines in 2D or 4D options.

It doesn’t stop there, 10th Planet stock purpose built vacuum formed packaging to hold instruction manuals in A4 or A5 together with multiple discs and a whole host of other items. These CD / DVD Vac packs, available in black or white, can then have an outer sleeve inserted and encapsulated if required to add value to training packs or software packages.

If you prefer Printed DVD Card Packaging options, then visit our Card packaging, Custom DVD packaging and Eco packaging pages for more options.

Off the shelf DVD packaging

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