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Blu-ray Duplication

Blu-ray Duplication Services

After a protracted format war Blu-ray can now settle down as the only choice for delivery of HD video on disc. We offer the same Bluray printing options as for DVD which means that even on low volume runs we can provide a professional looking product.

With 25 or 50GB capacity this format also has great potential for data delivery and data backup too.
Bluray replication is an option on quantities of over 1000 units and all Blu-ray printing and packaging options are available. It is worth noting that due to licence costs it is often more economical to duplicate Bluray as opposed to replicating pressed Blu-ray for quantities up to 2000 units.

We can of course replicate your Bluray project if you need a retail ready product but for the majority of cases a Blu-ray Duplication is the best option for both a cost and lead time.

Blu-ray Duplication is coming down in price all the time as more disc manufacturers ramp up their production of recordable BDR (the blank discs that are used in Blu-ray duplication).

Call us now if you want a comparative price, we can offer Blu-ray copies at not a great deal more than the cost of a DVD. Our London Blu-ray Duplication facility can turn around full colour printed bluray copies with professional packaging in 24 hours or less.

It’s also worth pointing out that a single layer Bluray can store 25GB of data which is approximately 5 times the data capacity of a DVD. This makes it an ideal delivery or backup format for large amounts of data, not just HD quality footage.

Although it is unlikely that Blu-ray will ever attain the popularity of DVD or CD, it is still a valid disc option and the only real choice for HD video delivery on TV.

Blu-ray Duplication is the only choice for HD delivery

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