CD Duplication

CD Duplication

CD Duplication is a highly cost effective marketing tool

Despite its predicted demise, CDR provides the most cost effective option for distribution of up to 700MB of data. This could be 80 minutes of audio, hundreds of images, PDFs word documents or even video. For information on capacities please see our guide on CD and DVD capacities.

10th Planet have been providing CD copying services since 1998, long before a lot of our competitors were even around and those that were, still copied music on cassettes and had probably only just heard of the Compact Disc. We were the first company to offer CDR Audio promos to the music industry, so what we don’t know about optical disc duplication is frankly not worth knowing. Our pioneering vision kick-started the duplication industry in the UK and we have not looked back since.

For small to medium runs we can provide digitally printed CD duplication in very short timescales. Duplication is the process whereby each disc is written individually using a CD writer, as opposed to the stamping process of CD replication. We have considerable capacity in our London facility (in fact we are the largest CD Duplication facility in London) so even large runs can be turned around in a short space of time. We will make identical, bit for bit, verified copies of the CDR that you give us, so it doesn’t matter if you are providing a CD DA (Red Book CD) or a VCD, it is essentially the same process. You give us a master and we clone it as many times as you need.

The digital CD printing we offer as part of our CD Duplication service gives the highest quality 4 colour print of any print method and is particularly suitable to photographic and high impact, colourful artwork. We can also screen print CDR for pantone colours and litho print CDR to the same print quality as a shop bought product, usually in 2 to 3 day lead times.
For larger runs where there is no time to replicate, we are also able to provide high volume CD duplication. We can print and duplicate many thousands of CDR per day in our London duplication facility, allowing even the tightest of deadlines to be met. CD copying no longer means maximum run sizes of hundreds – we can turn around tens of thousands of CDR per day from our London duplication facility.

See here for more information about the differences between CD Duplication and CD Replication.
See here for CD printing templates and how to prepare artwork.
See our CDROM authoring section for information on our data and content preparation services for this format.

CD Duplication is something that pretty much started when the format first came about in the 1990’s. ALthough at the prices that blank CD-R were changing hands for in those days it can be safely assumed that the number of copies would have been fairly low. Now that the CD-R is commonly used by bands and promotional companies to promote their music or services and total disc consumption is recorded in the millions, it has become a much more cost effective undertaking.
CD Duplication remains one of the best ways to send data, music or interactive presentations to large numbers of people in a reliable way that can be virtually guaranteed to work on all platforms.

We offer CD Duplication services to clients across the UK including London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow.

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