How to Supply DVD Authoring Assets

Preferred asset formats for DVD / Blu-ray

  • HDCAM or SR, DigiBeta, DVCAM, HDV (accompanied by the required time codes of the material to be encoded)
  • High Quality QuickTime/ AVI (uncompressed/ Apple Pro Res HQ)

We can also accept MPEG2 files already encoded but please note that we are not able to guarantee results with encoding not carried out by ourselves.
Other formats can be accepted but may require additional processing which may impact timings and cost. If in doubt please call.

We have professional standards conversion in house so are able to take PAL and NTSC formats for any DVD or Blu-ray project.

If you are supplying menus please use Photoshop presets for pixel dimensions. As a guide PAL DVD menus are 768 X 576 pixels (4:3 square pixels) and 1024 X 576 (16:9 square pixels).
Blu-ray dimensions for menus are 1920 X 1080 or 1400 X 720 (square pixels).

Alternatively you can download our own menu templates here:
PAL menu template
NTSC menu template

We can also re author from supplied DVD projects or finished DVD masters. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.