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Choosing the right disc printing method is as important as good design

Where can I find professional CD printing services?
What print method is best for your DVD or CD design?
Should you choose offset, silk screen or digital?
Do you have to replicate the disc in order to benefit from Pantone colour matching?

When it comes to CD and DVD Printing there is so much choice that, unlike paper printing (where run size and cost are the main factors), you’re faced with the daunting choice of Litho (or offset), Screen, Inkjet, Digital and Thermal printing on CDs and DVDs or even a combination of 2 or more of these.

So how do you determine what is the best DVD or CD Print method for your disc project?

As a basic guide, stick to the following principles; solid colours should be screen printed, as should Pantones. CD & DVD artwork consisting of photographs or CMYK mixes with lots of graduations and tints will look better litho printed or better still printed using our digital CD printer.

Our print expertise means that we will be able to advise you on the best option for printing your disc based on lead time, artwork and quantity. We offer unrivalled optical disc printing services to trade and corporate clients with all usual print methods including silk screen, litho (sometimes referred to as offset) and digital.
Our investment in digital disc print means that we are at the forefront of this very important shift in print technology, and can offer the latest print techniques to ensure that your disc looks as good as it can. You can read up on the original print method used for CD Printing here, though of course this is just one of the ways that we can decorate your disc!

We supply CD Printing and DVD printing services to clients wishing to duplicate content themselves or can also offer a complete DVD duplication service including print and packaging.

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