Quality Assessment

Quality assessment is the yardstick of professionals

Full QC and QA services for DVD, Blu-ray, data and TX masters

Broadcast Master QA

Our VT department will QC your transmission masters and ensure they are broadcast legal. With the ever decreasing budgets for broadcast TV, more and more content is being produced and finished by creatives with limited technical nous. 10th Planet provide that technical backup.

We deliver masters for TVC and programmes for all major UK terrestrial channels and have experience of supplying to European channels too. For TV ad clearance please see our production section.

Blu-ray & DVD QA and DVD Playability Tests

We would of course prefer to author your Blu-ray or DVD ourselves but if this is not possible then we offer a full QC service. This will help spot mastering problems which could at best delay production or at worst result in thousands of unplayable DVDs. We can check encoding issues, scripting and abstraction layer errors and ensure compatibility with the majority of players, both software and hardware.

Data and ROM QC

With the increase in data and interactive presentations delivered on USB as well as CD, the QC process has become more complicated. We have years of experience in preparing and authoring data so we can make sure your content is in the right format for distribution, be it a flash executable or interactive PDFs.