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CD Replication

CD Replication for retail and promotional use

We offer CD replication (also known as CD pressing) when either a retail product is required or the quantities and lead time dictate that this is the most cost effective option. Usually quantities in excess of 1000 units will be more cost effective to replicate than to duplicate though it does depend on packaging requirements.
Typically audio CDs are packed in CD jewel cases with paper parts though we are seeing cardboard packaging such as digipaks and lancing packs becoming more popular. Digiapks are rigid enough to provide protection and are an interesting option with more creative potential than the standard CD jewel case.
See our CD packaging section for more information on the options.

Usual lead times are 10 to 14 working days though this is seasonal so please get in touch if you have specific deadlines to achieve. If discs are required in a very short timescale we also offer a comprehensive CD duplication service.

CD replication refers to the process where a CD is manufactured by the injection moulding of raw poly carbonate. The term is interchangeable with CD pressing which is derived from the CD moulding machines that physically stamp out or press the raw polycarbonate into the finished CD product.
The first step in CD Replication is the creation of a glass master from which the “father” is created. This then in turn is used to create a “mother” or stamper. This mother then acts as the mould for the polycarbonate to be formed. In large volume runs several mothers are made in order to spread the production across a number of lines.
The finished 12CM CD is then metalised and lacquered to protect it, and finally printed using either litho or screen printing.
Once the discs are manufactured they are packed into CD cases with paper parts and usually overwrapped to complete the final retail-ready product.
All you need to send us is the finished CD master (preferably as a DDP image though we also accept CD Audio on CDR), and the artwork. See our CD templates section for help on creating artwork.

for more information on the Red Book standard that forms the basis of audio CD Replication see this page.

Costs have dropped greatly since the format was introduced and it is now arguably the most cost effective data and content distribution format available. It has uses far beyond the audio format it was first designed as, and is often used these days to deliver documents and presentations for marketing purposes.

We accept DDP, Exabyte, Red Book CD Audio or CDROM as masters for CD replication. If you provide files we can also create replication ready masters for you. See our CD mastering section for more information.

Print files are preferably supplied as print resolution PDF, though we are able to accept files in most of the professional layout applications such as Indesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. See the CD templates section on how to supply artwork for print.
If you require layout services our in-house graphic designers will be able to put together your print artwork from images, photographs and text.

See our DVD Replication pages for DVD manufacturing information.

When you are looking for CD Replication Services, 10th Planet Digital Media should be your first call.

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