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Around since 1000 AD, silk screen printing was the original cd printing solution for replicated CD

We offer screen printing on both Replicated CD & DVD Replication and DVD and CD Duplication projects.. Even though screen printing has been around for hundreds of years it is still a valid option for certain types of artwork.

Screen printing is usually the only option where pantone colours are required and is particularly suitable for large coverage of 1 or more colours. Sometimes referred to as “silk screen printing”, screen printing can also be used to generate bespoke finishes to discs such as applying spot lacquers or varnishes for effect. Screen CD printing is not suitable for photographic artwork or where there is use of gradients and many colours, in this situation litho or preferably digital DVD printing should be used.

Screen CD printing requires the artwork to be split up into constituent colours. A film is then exposed from each of these colours (usually including a white base). From this film a screen is made; this is a 12cm square porous mesh with the area not to be printed remaining as a non permeable area. Ink of 1 colour is forced through this mesh with a rubber blade (known as a squeegee), onto the surface of the disc. Screen printers can have up to 5 colours, applied one after the other. Once the ink has been applied the disc is passed under a powerful UV lamp that cures the ink, solidifying it.

Despite its archaic processes, silk screen DVD printing allows for considerable creativity, such as not applying ink in some areas, revealing the silver disc layer beneath, or applying special varnishes to give specific areas of the disc high gloss or conversely a matt finish.
With the higher level of creativity required to get an impressive dvd screen printing project it is advisable to choose a supplier that has years of experience in this field. We can give advice on dvd silkscreen printing possibilities that will result in print effects and an overall print quality that is difficult to match using other disc print methods.
With careful use of the possibilities that dvd silkscreening allows it is possible to attain a print that belies this apparently simple and ancient print method.

With strict corporate branding guidelines the norm, it is often necessary to guarantee colour consistency across printed paper parts, discs and packaging. With Pantone colour references it is possible to achieve exact colour matches for disc print that are more difficult using 4 colour processes.

DVD and CD print templates are available in the resources section as is information on how to supply artwork for screen printing.

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