On Demand Publishing

Maximising Revenue from your catalogue

One effect of the reduced volume in DVD sales coupled with increasing availability of back catalogue material is the need for lower volume runs of DVD. Often a back catalogue will contain titles which although collectively can enjoy long tail sales of thousands, individually they cannot justify the minimum run size for a replicated disc.

In these situations we are able to offer a bespoke DVD on demand publishing service.
We hold your catalogue masters and artwork and run off copies to order in low volumes. We can store litho printed paper parts and print and duplicate discs to be packed as required. This negates the need for large numbers of discs being kept in storage, yet means that orders can be fulfilled reactively in a matter of days. We are also able to offer complete fulfilment services, using Royal Mail or other courier services, for cost effective mail order of your library.

Why not ask us to tailor a package for your catalogue?