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Video Encoding Services

FLV, H264, WMV? We help you make sense of the digital video jungle.

With the latest encoding hardware our video encoding service is able to deliver the most efficient compression codecs for your content. We can turn your media assets into digital deliverables and archive quality files for re-purposing and storage.. We supply high quality, hardware encoded MPEG2 from Digi Beta to use in your DVD Authoring software or low resolution viewing versions for remote approval. With in house Alchemist PhC standards conversion we can supply NTSC MPEG from PAL tapes if authoring for foreign territories. Our DVD encoding service means you can cost effectively author DVDs yourself while still ensuring the highest picture quality using professional video encoding. Digital video is increasingly being used for archiving purposes too and we can supply files suitable for this purpose, including 50 Mbps MPEG2 and HUFF YUV.

Our encoding services go beyond simple video, with metadata and embedded subtitle information also possible.

As a completely digital work-flow takes over in video, it is ever more important to ensure that assets are encoded and stored at the highest possible quality, without wasting valuable disk space. Broadcasters now accept files such as Apple’s Pro Res Quicktime as a delivery format, meaning reduced cost in terms of deliverables but an increase in the technical skills required to correctly prepare transmission masters. If your content is going to be re-purposed at some time in the future it is imperative that everything is done to preserve the quality of the original source footage. You can rest assured that our encoding team will squeeze every last bit out of your bit budget while leaving your financial budget intact.

Our Windows Media and Flash video streaming service can host your video for instant viewing over the net. With today’s You Tube generation this has become a valid and highly cost effective delivery method which we can help you take advantage of. Costs have dropped to levels where it is now an affordable option even for large volume delivery.
We have ties with leading web infrastructure suppliers and that means that 10pdm can offer a very competitive online alternative to video and interactive data delivery.
Full DVD quality video can be streamed to desktops with comprehensive usage reporting and secure password protection options.

Streaming Media Service

What is streaming? Streaming is the delivery of video or audio content over the internet. When video is downloaded to a PC the user needs to wait for the entire file to be downloaded or enough video to be buffered before playback starts. Streaming on the other hand allows for instant playback and fast forward and locate functionality with no lengthy wait for video to download. In addition as content never resides on the users PC it allows for more secure delivery of confidential content.

If you need to go from file to tape then please see our Video Transfers section.

Some information on how much you can fit into what space is available then use our file size calculator

Some of the common formats we encode to include:

  • H264
  • MPEG1
  • MPEG2
  • MPEG4 (MP4)
  • WMV (windows media video)
  • Apple Pro Res HQ
  • Quicktime
  • 3GP
  • AVC
  • MP3
  • AVI

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