Blu-ray Replication

Blu-ray Replication Services

Our replication department is highly experienced in Blu-ray replication, having been involved in the format from the outset. We can advise on all the licensing requirements for Blu-ray (including AACS) and will guide you through the entire process from mastering through to final delivery of your retail ready Blu-rays. We have experience of navigating through the different formats and their compatibility across playback regions – for example we can make sure your disc destined for US audiences will play on local players. We have in house technical teams to prepare masters and convert assets to the required frame rates and resolutions to create disc masters for Blu-ray replication.

We offer all standard Blu-ray packaging in addition to bespoke packaging, but equally there is no reason that a Blu-ray disc cannot be packed in DVD packaging.
Print choices are the same as for CD and DVD with Litho print tending to be the most popular choice.

It is worth noting that if a retail product is not required, it often costs less to complete a project using our Blu-ray duplication service as opposed to Blu-ray replication.

It is easy to think of Blu-ray as “like DVD only bigger”, but there is far more to the format than just an increase in capacity. With 25GB (or 50GB for dual layer) of space the maximum video bit rate is significantly higher than that of DVD. In addition, the resolution and colour sampling improvements means that with Blu-ray colours are more vibrant and the picture is visibly clearer and sharper. As Blu-ray players become the de-facto choice for optical disc playback, so much so that they are available at virtually the same cost as DVD players, there is less reason to not release content on BD, especially as prices come down to approach the cost of DVD.
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Blu-ray Replication for full HD