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DVD Replication

High volume DVD replication for retail and promotional use

We offer DVD replication (or DVD pressing) on run sizes of over 500 units.
For retail product it is preferable to replicate in order to offer a retail ready cello wrapped (or shrink wrapped) product. Typical lead times are approximately 10 working days though this is confirmed at the time orders are placed. If lead times are an issue please see our DVD Duplication section. We offer some of the fastest lead times for replication in the UK even on large orders so please get in touch if you have a deadline to meet. Our DVD Manufacturing capability is second to none in the UK; we have been supplying entertainment, government and corporate clients with DVD services for many years and our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all the processes involved.

We offer DVD5 (or single layer DVD replication) for shorter video content or where less than 4.4 GB of data is required, and DVD9 or (dual layer) where over 2 hours of video content or up to 8.5 GB of data is required. For more information on the capacities of DVD and what will fit please see our DVD capacity section.
For promotional content we can also supply Mini DVD replication, or 8CM DVD with a capacity of either 1.4 GB for single layer or 2.6 GB for double layer. These make perfect give-aways for marketing purposes due to their smaller size yet can hold over 1 hour of video (double layer version).
In addition to mini DVD replication we supply business card DVD replication for the ultimate in corporate presentation. With up to 1GB of data capacity on these there is plenty of room for data, video and interactive presentations.

We can accept masters in a variety of formats for DVD manufacturing, the preference being DDP images written as data on a DVDR, however we can also accept DVDR Video (ie. a playable DVD) masters and of course DLT. If you have any technical queries regarding the supply of your masters please get in touch and speak to our knowledgeable staff. As one of the few UK DVD companies to also offer genuine in house DVD authoring we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of DVD production. Please see our DVD authoring services section for more information.

Artwork for replication is best supplied as high resolution PDF files, with any text as outlines. For more information, please see our sections on DVD printing templates and how to supply artwork for DVD. If you have any questions regarding the supply of artwork please contact us and we will guide you through the process. We can also design paper parts and disc prints from your brief, contact us for costs on this service.

Replicated DVDs are printed using either litho (offset) or screen printing, depending on the artwork and spec. Please see our DVD printing section for more information on these print methods.

All DVD packaging options are available as part of a DVD replication run, from standard amaray style cases to cardboard packaging including digipaks, capacity wallets and lancing packs. Please see our DVD packaging section for more details on the options.

DVD pressing is a very similar process to CD replication though there are some technical differences. Firstly the tolerances of the process are much lower due to the narrower wavelengths used in order to squeeze more data into the same space.
In addition to a narrower wavelength, an additional layer can be used to increase the size of a standard DVD from 4.7GB to 8.5GB. These two formats are referred to as DVD5 and DVD9. There are additional variations on this format in the form of a double sided DVD with a single layer on each side (DVD10) and a double sided DVD with two layers on each side (DVD18), though these formats are increasingly rare.
For more information on the differences between DVD Duplication and DVD replication click on the link.

Talk to us for advice on your next DVD project, we promise not to be beaten on price.

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