CDROM Authoring

CDROM Authoring

Interactive presentations and digital resource delivery

There are times when the video capabilities of Blu-ray or DVD are overkill, or when the interactive capabilities and limited resource delivery of DVD or Blu-ray are not enough. Step in a format that has been around for as long as most of us can remember – the CDROM. With it’s ability to deliver video, audio, data and interactive presentations, the CDROM still has plenty of life in it yet. Despite only having a capacity of 700MB there is plenty that a skilled programmer can coax out of this stalwart.

At its most basic level the CDROM is the most cost effective way of physically delivering PDF, Word Documents or other data. The addition of Director and Flash authoring allows for much for flexibility than is possible on a DVD Video. Fully interactive presentations can be created with embedded PDF and the ability to bring live data in from web sources. Coupled with MPEG1 video it is capable of delivering video and information in a format that is literally compatible with every computer platform around. High resolution MPEG1 may not be the latest codec but it is guranteed to work on even the most staid corporate network.

Coupling CDROM authoring with CD audio brings us the Enhanced CD. This format may have seen better days but it is still a useful way of delivering a disc that will work on a car CD player and provide additional content for PC and Mac use. Content can include video players, web links and picture galleries. We can even bring live web data into an enhanced CD menu page to give up to date information on the band.
We have also built projects for major clients such as Disney where interactive CDROM data is combined with DVD Video to create the best of both worlds – a disc that plays on a DVD player and unlocks a wealth of possibilities in a PC or Mac DVD Drive.

At 10th Planet our authoring team is well versed in the art of designing for CD, so whether you require a web site in a physical format that can be placed in the hand of a prospective client or a resource of video and images that would be too large for web delivery then 10th Planet’s CDROM authoring service is the ideal choice.

The techniques we have developed in the 10 + years we have been authoring content for CD are also very suitable for delivery of content on USB. So promotional USB projects can benefit from the interactivity and rich media usually associated with CD and DVD.

If you would like to discuss the options or find out more then please get in touch.