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Manufacturing services for mid to high volume disc runs

We have a wealth of experience in all types of optical disc manufacturing including CD replication, DVD replication and Blu-ray replication. Since we have offered CD Pressing and DVD Replication services for many years our staff are highly knowledgeable on all the processes involved. And because of our strong industry links we can offer competitive pricing on all CD pressing, DVD manufacturing and Blu-ray replication. We offer a no quibble guarantee on pricing – in the unlikely event that you find cheaper disc manufacturing (on a like-for-like basis of course) we will beat the costs while ensuring that there is no compromise on quality.

10th Planet is a valued supplier for many corporates, local authorities, entertainment, marketing and advertising agencies supplying CD Pressing and DVD Replication. We are trusted by household brands for high profile launches where DVD manufacturing services are required and we are renowned in our field for our ability to manufacture in the tightest lead times.
In addition to large organisations we also offer CD Replication and DVD Manufacturing services to individuals and independent labels and video distribution companies, who can be assured of competitive pricing because of our high volumes.

On CD or DVD projects where quantities in excess of 500 units are required then replication becomes an option. With Blu-ray, the high licensing costs can mean that anything less than several thousand is often more cost effectively duplicated on BDR (recordable Bluray). See our duplication services pages for more information on Blu-ray duplication and DVD Duplication.
CD Pressing is required if the product is to be sold online or in shops as the longevity of a manufactured disc is greater than a duplicated disc. This is down in part to the aluminium layer applied as part of the manufacturing process, more information on this is available in our resource section.

Costs for DVD Replication have dropped in recent years to make it the best value distribution method for approximately 4GB of data, not just for the video uses it was first designed for. CD DVD Replication services are one of 10th Planet’s strengths and our dedication to service coupled with the understanding of all formats means we are your best guide through the process. CD Pressing or CD Manufacturing is affordable even by the bands and musicians looking to release their own music without the help of record labels.

Whereas duplication is a process where each disc is burned individually, CD DVD replication refers to the process where CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs are manufactured by injection moulding of raw poly carbonate. This process allows for large volume disc projects to be completed in a few weeks. it also generally means more cost effective manufacturing, especially on runs in excess of 1000 units. Manufacturing optical discs also creates more possibilities in disc packaging terms as the run sizes make it cost effective to litho print paper parts and create bespoke card packaging.

Read more on the differences between CD replication and CD duplication here.

To complement our CD and DVD services we manufacture and duplicate custom USB. USB flash drives are now an option for music distribution (where CD Replication would have been the norm) and help create a unique product that the consumer will chose to purchase. In addition to the range of off the shelf USB products that we supply we are able to create USB in any custom shape. This opens up possibilities for a promotional or retail product that will stand head and shoulders above the rest of the market place. Please see our dedicated website at WeAreUSB.com for more information.

For the technically minded there are some great resources on DVD Replication at the DVD demystified site

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