USB Data Upload

We can upload data to your USB sticks

We offer promotional and branded USB from our sister site, but often there is a need to upload data onto USB sticks that are already branded. Sometimes this is because data is only available at the last minute, or it can also be due to errors in production with other suppliers.

We have high capacity for USB duplication in our London facility and can accept masters on USB, CD or by web file transfer. We use hardware duplicators, meaning that not only is there no risk of virus infection but the process is considerably faster than using PC based USB copying systems. We copy bit for bit with data integrity verification and have experience of demanding applications such as digital cinema delivery and medical applications. We would always prefer the option of supplying you high quality branded flash ourselves but where this is not possible we are able to help with all your data copying needs and we have the technical skills to ensure that your data is delivered virus free and 100% verified.

We can also prepare content for USB pen drives, see our CDROM Authoring section for details on this service.