Dont get caught out this Christmas!

The most cost effective and common method of producing a run CDs or DVDs on any quantity over a 1000 units, is to replicate them. However this is a 10 working day process from receipt of approved artwork for all components and a master disc.
During the months of September to the middle of December, there isn’t much flexibility when it comes to these lead times but there are alternatives!
Recordable media can be printed in exactly the same way as a pressed disc, with paper parts and packaging being identical for all production methods, but these can be produced in a fraction of the time.
Most of the hold ups associated with disc production are caused by late running master CDs and DVDs and because a replicated disc cannot be produced without these, the delays can render the project unusable. But with recordable discs, the discs are usually printed in advance and so most of the assets can be collated without a master.
The standard duplication and assembly time after all the assets have been printed and when the master does subsequently arrive, on 1-2000 discs is just 24hrs.
The costs are pretty comparable on a run of 1000 too!

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